An Overview of Traditional Oriental Medicine

  • Oriental medicine has been practiced for thousands of years. It includes Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal medicine & additional procedures. All of these modalities offer a safe and effective way of treating the mind & body. They work by balancing the body's energy or Qi (pronounced chee). Qi helps to strengthen the body in order to relieve pain &/or disharmony and to prevent future illnesses. Single-use pre-sterilized needles are always used.

    The National Institute of Health (NIH) & the World Health Organization (WHO) have recognized the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine in treating the following diseases & disorders:

  • Asthma Amenorrhea Bronchitis Common Cold
    Headache Migraines Depression Anxiety
    Stress Stop Smoking Addiction Disorders Arthritis
    Carpal Tunnel Low back pain Sciatica Constipation
    Diarrhea Dysmenorrhea Fibromyalgia Irritable bowel
    Indigestion Menopause Multiple Sclerosis Nausea
    PMS Sinusitis Sleep Disorders and moreā€¦

Testimonial - Allergies

John Urich is a very caring, dedicated and skilled acupuncturist. I had very severe allergies for many years and was on medication every day of the year.

Thanks to John's treatment, I am no longer on medicationand my allergies have been controlled for about four years now.

Acupuncture has also been successful in treating my carpal tunnel syndrome and sinus headaches. I highly recommend John Urich at Lawrenceville Acupuncture.

- Kathy (Hamilton, NJ)

Acpuncture Session Photos