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Looking for a trustworthy Acupuncturist in West Windsor, NJ? Consider Lawrenceville Acupuncture Center (LAC), just a short drive from the Route 1 corridor in West Windsor Township. LAC has been providing Traditional Oriental Acupuncture to the West Windsor area for over 25 years.

Just a 15 minute drive from the Princeton Junction Train Station, LAC provides personalized acupuncture treatment to residents and businesses surrounding the West Windsor area.



Acupucturist in West Windsor NJ

Testimonial - Back Pain

I've had back problems since I was in my twenties; I'm now 65. I've tried all the "fixes", including massage, physical therapy, chiropractic, epidural injections and the final failure, an operation. Acupuncture was my last hope and, as it turned out, my best result. I should have started off with acupuncture. Thank you for being there, John Urich. You changed my life for the better

- Steve (Hamilton, NJ)