Acupuncture in Princeton, NJ

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Looking for a reputable Acupuncturist in Princeton, NJ? Take a look at Lawrenceville Acupuncture Center (LAC), just a short drive from Nassau Street in Princeton Borough. LAC has been providing Traditional Chinese Acupuncture in the Princeton area for over 25 years.

Just a 10 minute drive from Princeton University and Palmer Square, LAC provides customized Acupuncture without the traffic, parking considerations and costs of going into the heart of Princeton. LAC is 0.5 miles South of Rider University on Route 206 with ample parking at no cost.


Acupucture in Princeton NJ

Testimonial - Back Pain

I was experiencing hot flashes almost every 3 hours, and they were definitely intruding into my daily activities. I had luck before with acupuncture for irregular periods, so I tried it again. My hot flashes disappeared completely after a few visits.

- HN (Princeton, NJ)